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We at DSTV Experts are proud of our excellent track record with DSTV Installations in the Fourways , Randburg, Sandton areas and surrounding surbubs.Our highly skilled and trained DSTV Installation technicians are experts at assessing how to meet your requirements and implementing the best DSTV installation for you.

DSTV Installations Experts has accredited installers who are dedicated to providing high quality DSTV Installations and leaving you with a smile at the end of the job. We only use the best quality equipment and spare parts.When you use DSTV Installations Experts you can be sure that we will meet your requirements and perform the job in the best way.

We can proudly say at DSTV Experts you get tried and tested professional service.


DSTV Installations:
  1. Single-view
  2. Extra-view
  3. Dual-View PVR Installations
HD DSTV Installations:
  1. HD PVR 4-Tuner
  2. HD PVR 2P
  3. Explora
Xtraview Installations:
  1. Two standard decoders
  2. HD PVR 2P with a standard decoder
  3. HD PVR 2P with an SD PVR1 decoder
  4. HD PVR 2P with an HD PVR decoder
  5. Explora with standard decoder
  6. Explora with SD PVR1 decoder
  7. Explora with HD PVR decoder
  8. Explora with Explora decoder
Cabling requirements for DSTV Installations:
  1. RG6 Coaxial Cable
  2. AV Cable
  3. HDMI Cable
  4. Power Cables
  5. CAT 5 cables